August 20, 2015

Lulu designs

Baby dino kids mug for Lulu designs / Heleen van Buul Lulu designs is a new South African company selling all sorts products with patterns and illustration from several artists. Some of my designs, such as this baby dino kids mug, are now part of their collection!

You can see more of my designs at


August 7, 2015

Baby goats fabric

Baby goats fabric for Spoonflower / Heleen van Buul Spoonflower held a contest this week with a goats theme. My baby goats fabric made it to the top ten designs!

Fabric, wallpaper and wrapping paper with this pattern is now available at my shop at


May 28, 2015

Southwestern babies pillow

Southwestern babies collection for Spoonflower / Heleen van Buul

A while ago I a entered a design contest called the Southwest Baby Bedding contest organised by Spoonflower and Carousel Designs. Although I didn't win, I was in the top ten of the best designs. Carousel Designs was so kind to send me a pillow and fabric with the design.
Fabric, wallpaper and wrapping paper with this pattern is available at


April 30, 2015

Baby textiles!

I've been designing fabric for Spoonflower for quite a while now, and I love seeing the designs used in textiles products. Here are some lovely baby textiles made by very crafty Etsy sellers using my Baby foxes design!
Etsy baby textiles with baby foxes fabrix

On the left:
Baby quilt and bunting flags by Danoah

On the right:
Baby leggings by Edenest
Baby knot headband by LyleeRose
Bassinet blanket by Pappiyon
Thank you for using my fabrics!


December 24, 2014

Happy holidays!

Merry Christmas / Heleen van Buul


August 22, 2014

Stereohype 2004-2014 exhibit

Apes in space fabric for Spoonflower / Heleen van Buul
Iris buttons / Heleen van Buul

This year Stereohype wiil be celebrating it's 10th anniversery with an exhibition of 1,000 button badges including 4 of my designs. The exhibition will be held during Londen Design Festival from saturday 13 september to friday 31 october. More information about the exhibition can be found here.


Juli 29, 2014

Baby textile at Samiboo

Samiboo baby textile / Heleen van Buul

Samiboo is a Polish company that designs children's products. They now have a line of textile products, such as bedding, pillows and blankets, with fabric from my Baby Woodland collection!
You can see more products at (in Polish)


june 6 2014

Pillow covers at

Whale pillow covers at / design Heleen van Buul

Pillow covers including these whale patterned ones are available at